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Our Satin-Etching Lines are configurable in order to produce the following new technical acid-etched finishes and more...

Anti-glare glass (fully automatic Line)
June 2013

It is perfect for low maintenance applications digital signage, ATMs, point of sale, HD displays, multi touch desks-walls-tables where specifically required an elevated anti-glare performance, low sparkle and low haze combining high resistance to scratches & stains.

Anti-slip glass (fully automatic Line)
January 2012

High value and durable anti-slip glass product for walkways and stairs of airport relaxing area, stores, shopping centers etc. Modern aesthetic qualities fit very well with exclusive performances, this etched product is certifiable to the main international standards, as DIN51130 according anti-slip property up to R10.

Anti-scratch glass (fully automatic Line)
March 2010

Particular thin texture and brilliant reflective surface obtained with a particular chemical treatment that gives to this Anti-scratch etched product a strong mechanical and physical resistance to the abrasions, scratches and to cold liquids according to DIN68861. It can be essentially utilized in the production of tables, kitchen tops, shelving and work surfaces that come into daily contact with utensils or liquids that can damage them.